irene lorenzi

Illustrator / Fashion designer / Graphic designer

Irene Lorenzi was graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the International Institute Polimoda in Florence. She is a Fashion Designer, with experience in creating men's and women's fashion collections and specializing in the creation of modern and historic stage costumes, for cinema, theater, shows and music videos. She is an Illustrator, who paints and prints on various media, and who also works in publishing, creating books, covers, playing and divination cards and much more. She is a graphic designer, used to working both as a team and as a freelance, with years of experience in the international arena, collaborating with companies specialized in alternative energy and green economy. 


Illustrations for publishing: book covers, illustrated books, graphic novels, playing and divination cards, games. Fashion illustrations:
fabric patterns, hand painted fabrics, t-shirts and printed dresses.
Illustrations for home decor: paintings, wallpaper, pillows and much more.
Each illustration can be printed on any support, from canvas, to paper, from fabric to wood. 

Fashion design

Costume design: stage costumes for cinema, theater, music videos, shows, historical representations. Fashion collections: design of fashion collections and tailored suits for women, men and children. Coffee & Bacon: visit the shop of Irene Lorenzi's clothing line. 

Graphic design

Branding and Graphic Design: creating a Brand Identity that enhances each company, through the right coordinated image and communication campaign.
Print on all media: flyers, infographics, leaflets, advertising pages, posters, roll ups, large formats, packaging.
Publishing: graphic design for books, catalogs, books and company reports. 

Irene Lorenzi

Irene Lorenzi

Graphic designer
Fashion designer